Show Hosts

Husband and wife team that loves to travel the world and collect toys. We wanted to find another way to share our passion and geek together on all of the things we love.

Damien Cooper

Loves all things DC Comics. A Flash fanatic and MoTU nut. Collects Funko, Tiny Ghost, The Loyal Subjects and anything cool he can find.

Christina Cooper

A huge Whovian. She collects all things Doctor Who that she can find and fit into the house. In addition, she loves Nightmare Before Christmas, Tiny Ghost and Harry Potter.


Fernando Carvajal

Biggest U2 nut/fanatic within a 50 mile radius, and rare Dorbz fan. Collects Funko, U2/concert memorabilia, LEGO, Coins, and anything sick!

Seth Miller

Star Wars collector and enthusiast who also loves LOTR, GOT, Fantastic Plastic, and Tiny Ghost.